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General Purpose sealed lead-acid battery PT2.3-12

Reserve power series battery is the general purpose battery with 5~10 years design life in float service. With advanced AGM(absorbing glass pad) technology and high purity raw materials, it has the characteristics of long-term discharge, suitable for standby and energy storage power applications. It is not only used in uninterruptible power supply (UPS), electric power system (EPS), emergency power system, alarm and safety system, generator starting, telecommunication system and other industrial aspects, but also widely used in children’s electronic toys, electronic tools and other daily life.


Model Number:PT2.3-12
12V2.3AH/C20 Sealed Lead Acid,
Rated Voltage:12V
Rated Capacity:2.3AH/C20
Dimension(L*W*TH) In mm:178*35*66
Gross Weight per Piece:0.93kgs
Sealed Type:Sealed
Maintenance Type:Free Maintenance
Material of metal in side:Lead and Acid
Battery Container Material:ABS
Battery Color valid:Black/Gray/Dark Gray/Blue/Red/Yellow/Green
Products Design Life at 25℃:
10 years floating Use

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