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Solar Inverter Battery PD70-12

PD70-12 Solar Inverter batteries use high-purity raw materials and have good power discharge performance. Meet with IEC60896,IEC61056, ISO and OHASA,CE approved.Widely applicable to Uninterruptible power supplies/ Medical equipment/ Fire and Security System/ Emergency Power System/ Power tools/ Electric toy car and wheelchairs, etc./ Communication equipment/ Alarm system/ Telecommunication systems/ Marine equipment


Model Number:PD70-12
12V70AH/C10 Solar Inverter TYPE
Rated Voltage:12V
Rated Capacity:70AH/C10(77AH/C20)
Dimension(L*W*TH) In mm:260*170*215
Gross Weight per Piece:22.6kgs
Sealed Type:Sealed
Maintenance Type:Free Maintenance
Material of metal in side:Lead and Acid
Battery Container Material:ABS
Battery Color valid:Black/Gray/Dark Gray/Blue/Red/Yellow/Green
Products Design Life at 25℃:
12 years floating Use
1200 times at 30% DOD(Depth of Discharge)

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